2014 Southeast Asia Conference on IID to Award Innovative Designers of Learning and Teaching Packages

By: UNIID SEA - 2014-11-03

The Universities and Councils Network on Innovation for Inclusive Development in Southeast Asia (UNIID-SEA) is holding the 2014 Southeast Asia Conference in Innovation for Inclusive Development in Jakarta, Indonesia on 5-6 November 2014. The theme of the conference is “Making Innovation by All, For All Happen in the ASEAN Region.”

Anies Baswedan, the newly appointed Minister of Primary and Secondary Education of Indonesia, has been invited as keynote speaker. The conference venue is the Aryaduta Hotel in Central Jakarta.

IID is broadly understood as “innovation that reduces poverty and enables as many groups of people, especially the poor and marginalized, to participate in decision-making, to create and actualize opportunities, and share equitably in the benefits of development.” (IID Program Prospectus, IDRC, 2011)

The conference features the work of the UNIID-SEA as a network of universities and research councils in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam over the past three years. It also features the recent participation of individual inclusive development professionals from Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. The UNIID-SEA is a three-year Project (2011-2015) undertaken by the Ateneo de Manila University’s School of Government (ASoG) and the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP), with assistance from the International Development Research Centre of Canada. The conference is co-organized by UNIID-SEA with the Dewan Riset Nasional (DRN) and Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB).

UNIID-SEA Awards Program

There are four types of UNIID-SEA Fellows: (1) Network Fellows (conducted Commissioned Research and Curriculum Development projects); (2) IID Learning Design Fellows (created IID Teaching and Learning Packages); and (3) IID Challenge Fellows (will undertake IID Challenge research projects). The UNIID-SEA Project will award these fellows during the welcome dinner on 5 November.

The award ceremonies will feature the Fellows achievements. The certificates will be handed out by Dr Segundo Romero (Director of the Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid in Southeast Asia), Ms. Mary Grace Santos, (Project Manager, UNIID-SEA), Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti (Deputy Executive Director, ASEAN University Network), Dr. Filemon Uriarte (President, National Research Council of the Philippines), Dr. Soottiporn Chittmittrapap (Secretary General, National Research Council of Thailand), Dr. Iding Chaidir (Secretary, DRN), and Dr. Nguyen Dinh Minh (General Secretary, National Council for S&T Policy, Vietnam).

IID Fellows Program Awardees

The IID Fellows Program invited proposal entries from citizens of the ASEAN member countries from April to September 2014. The program sought to discover, support, and promote existing innovative or innovation-oriented teaching and learning packages developed by individuals associated with universities, research institutions, private enterprises, non-governmental organizations, people’s organizations, and local communities.

On the first day of the conference, the Fellows Program winners will be presented in four parallel sessions: (1) Pedagogical Innovations and Training Courses on Inclusive Innovation; (2) Environment, Food Security, and Climate Change; (3) Livelihood, Gender, and Peace; and (4) Water, Sanitation and Health.

Pedagogical Innovations
Dr. Hui Min Low uses interesting materials to encourage language communication.Dr. Hui Min Low uses interesting materials to encourage language communication.

The session on Pedagogical Innovations will be chaired by Dr. Nguyen LuuBao Doan, Director, International Relations, Hoa Sen University. The panelists and their winning teaching and learning packages are: Gerson Abesamis, Philippine Science High School (Grassroots Innovation for Educators); Muhammad Ibnur Rashad bin Zainal Abidin, Ground Up Initiative, Singapore (Grounded Leadership for Inclusive Innovation and Development); Hui Min Low, Universiti Sains Malaysia (Teacher Training Module: Enhancing Language Communication for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Schools); Neil Oliver T. Dr. Penullar, De La Salle University – Manila (Learning To Serve, Serving to Learn: A Capacity-Building Program for Higher Education Faculty Members, Curriculum Developers and Extension Officers); and Viengdavong Luangsithideth, State University of Malang, Indonesia (Promotion of Woman Adult Literacy in the Remote Areas of Lao PDR).

Environment, Food Security, and Climate Change 
Huei Ming helping out in preparations for a grand community festival called Heritage KampungHuei Ming helping out in preparations for a grand community festival called Heritage Kampung

The session on Environment, Food Security, and Climate Change will be chaired by Dr. Zeeda Fatimah Mohamad, Senior Lecturer, University of Malaya. The panelists are Ma. Larissa Lelu Gata, University of the Philippines – Los Banos (Community-based Adaptive Strategies to Climate Change); Milton Norman Medina, University of Mindanao, Philippines (Basic Biodiversity Research Sampling Protocols for Local Communities); Mynabel Pomarin, Anthropology Watch, Philippines (Enhancing the Documentation of Indigenous Conservation Practices through Participatory Mapping); Nilar Maung, Plant Protection Division, Department of Agriculture, Myanmar (Agricultural Plant Pests Production); Tai Xu Hong, Ground Up Initiative, Singapore (Co-Creating a Hi-Tech Urban Farm); and Tan Huei Ming, Ground Up Initiative, Singapore (Co-Creating a 21st Century Village).

Livelihood, Gender, and Peace
Glorypearl Dy teaching digital storytelling to Blaan indigenous students in Marbel, South Cotabato, PhilippinesGlorypearl Dy teaching digital storytelling to Blaan indigenous students in Marbel, South Cotabato, Philippines

The session on Livelihood, Gender, and Peace will be chaired by Dr. Leland Dela Cruz, Director, Office of Social Concern and Involvement, Ateneo de Manila University. The panelists are Hendri Yulius Wijaya, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy- National University of Singapore (Mainstreaming Gender Equality and Diversity Innovative Community Engagement); Nik Meriam Nik Sulaiman, University of Malaya, Malaysia (Transformation of Batik Industries Towards Sustainability Through Inclusive Partnership of Stakeholders); Stephanie Cuevas, Rags2Riches, Philippines (Basic Elements of a Sustainable Community Enterprise); Arlene L. Cosape, Ateneo de Davao University, Philippines (Badjao Registry Integration Development and Growth Through Entrepreneurship (BRIDGE) Program); and Glorypearl Dy, Switotwins, Inc., Philippines (Digital Storytelling and Peacebuilding).

Water, Sanitation and Health
Ly Quoc Dang during the clean water supply project in Can Tho City, 2010Ly Quoc Dang during the clean water supply project in Can Tho City

The session on Water, Sanitation and Health will be chaired by Dr. Joseph Thomas, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. The panelists are Anna Mae Dela Cruz, Mercado General Hospital, Inc., Philippines (Public Health by Design: Training Undergraduate and Medical School Students on Innovative and Inclusive Methods of Keeping the Public Healthy); Chea Eliyan, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Water Supply and Sanitation Technology: Impacts and Solutions); Rafael D. Guerrero III, University of the Philippines- Los Banos (Household Recycling of Solid Organic Waste and “Gray Water” by Urban/Rural Families for Sanitation, Water Conservation and Food Production); and Ly Quoc Dang, Can Tho University, Vienam (Water and Sanitation: Basic Concepts and Practice in the Mekong Delta).

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