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Reaching Farmers in a Changing Climate

By: Kees (C.J.) Stigter

One full day (that is two half days) will be on best examples of agrometeorological services, to counter these disasters and their consequences, as not yet dealt with earlier, with emphasis on those recently collected in China. We will then handle agrometeorology of scarce resources and low inputs and the necessity for farmer differentiation in that context. Agroforestry and other multiple cropping as multi-functional agriculture will be brought up as a connecting principle for combating the various resource problems encountered. Communication I consider a second such connecting principle, now of the learning and educational problems involved in reaching farmers with agrometeorological services. We will be very specific in the proposed solutions, determining extension agrometeorology and Climate Field Schools (CFSs) as the roads to go. But we will see that CFSs are only the higher branches of an educational tree involved.