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Household Recycling of Solid Organic Waste and “Gray Water” by Urban/Rural Families For Sanitation, Water Conservation, and Food Production

By: Rafael Guerrero III

The module was conceptualized to provide science-based innovations for the recycling of human and kitchen wastes (both solid and liquid) at a practical and affordable level by disadvantaged urban/rural families. Such interventions are intended to improve the sanitary and health conditions of the marginalized families for inclusive development while safeguarding the environment.

Huei ming module

Cultivating Urban Food Resilience: A Community-Based Model

By: Huei Ming Tan

This course aims to provide the basic building blocks to create a community based approach to providing our need for food in a manner that is both environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. It draws in part from the experiences and lessons learnt from nurturing a community that has helped to develop the Sustainable Urban Farm, Greenhouse and Educational Terrace built in Singapore through the efforts of our non-profit organisation Ground-Up Initiative (GUI).