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Water Supply and Sanitation Options: Impacts and Solutions

By: Eliyan Chea

The module contains three main sections: i) Impacts from improper Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) practices; ii) basic principles of drinking water treatment processes and some affordable technologies; iii) sanitation technologies for households. The module ends with a discussion to identify technologies appropriate to local conditions.

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Household Recycling of Solid Organic Waste and “Gray Water” by Urban/Rural Families For Sanitation, Water Conservation, and Food Production

By: Rafael Guerrero III

The module was conceptualized to provide science-based innovations for the recycling of human and kitchen wastes (both solid and liquid) at a practical and affordable level by disadvantaged urban/rural families. Such interventions are intended to improve the sanitary and health conditions of the marginalized families for inclusive development while safeguarding the environment.